Thyroid Symptoms

Thyroid Health and Fertility: Podcast

Thyroid Health and Fertility

I hope every one is enjoying the holiday season. Today, I am sharing  a podcast with Andrea Beaman and Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, on thyroid health and fetrtility. We all know someone who has had problems with conceving a baby or with miscarriage, both heartbreaking and devestating. Please share with all who can benefit from this life changing…

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Zonulin: Is This the Cause of Leaky Gut

Zonulin: Does This Cause Leaky Gut

Zonulin is a protein linked to leaky gut. But, do you know anything about protein? This interview is with Dr. Alessio Fasano, who explains how this protein can upset your intestines and your immune system. His research on this topic is encouraging to those who suffer from either of these conditions. He also explains how…

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Healthy Skin Needs A Healthy Thyroid

Healthy Skin Needs Healthy Thyroid

Healthy skin is a look everyone wants to have, however having healthy skin is can be a challenge. If  you have thyroid disease, you are likely to be dealing with several skin issues. Most of those with thyroid issues deal with dry skin, dry scalp and hair, edema (i.e.bloating), dry weak brittle nails, and puffy…

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Is Low Thyroid Function Linked to Fibromyalgia and CFS

Low Thyroid Function-Fibromyalgia-CFS

Low thyroid function creates a lot of controversy, both with patients and health care providers.  Many of the symptoms of thyroid disease mimic other diseases including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Ok, great! So, how do you know what you are dealing with? Unfortunately, that’s where the problems really start. Fatigue, lethargy, mental sluggishness, difficulty…

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Are Your Headaches Linked To Your Thyroid

Headaches Linked to Thyroid

Your headaches may be linked to your thyroid. People with migraines and other headache disorders have a greater risk of a thyroid disease known as hypothyroidism, a new study suggests. “It is possible that the development of hypothyroidism in a headache patient might further increase the frequency of headache, as past studies have found that…

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Sudden Cardiac Death and Thyroid Disease

Cardiac Arrest and Thyroid Disease

Sudden cardiac death has been linked to thyroid disease. Patients with thyroid levels on the higher end of normal have a significantly greater risk of sudden cardiac death, according to new research published in Circulation. Layal Chaker, MD, MSc, research fellow in endocrinology and epidemiology at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and colleagues evaluated…

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Pregnancy and How It Affects Thryoid Health

Pregnancy and Thyroid Health

Pregnancy and thyroid health are connected in a huge way. Some women have thyroid problems before getting pregnant, some have thyroid issues during pregnancy and many have thyroid dysfunction after giving birth. Doctors complained that women continued to prioritize their family’s health over their own. They said it was difficult to persuade some women to…

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Odd Symptoms That Signal Disease

Odd Symptoms

Odd symptoms: have you ever had a change in your fingernails or hair but you have no idea why? Or, maybe you noticed a rash or you break into a cold sweat out of the blue. So, what is going on here? More importantly, what is going on with your health? It turns out that small,…

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Depression: The Great Imitator


Depression: that nasty symptom that seems to be linked to several health disorders. But there is one condition that is linked to depression more than any other: thyroid disfunction. Finding the right diagnosis for any disorder requires a comprehensive evaluation. Indeed, many illnesses share many of the same symptoms. Take symptoms such as headache, stomachache, dizziness, fatigue,…

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Soy Milk-Is It As Good As They Claim?

Soy Milk

Soy milk is everywhere and the claims are wonderful. However, maybe this popular drink isn’t as good for you as you thought. Soy Milk has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years because the items it can replace and the health benefits it can provide as some people were suggesting. Unfortunately, recent studies show that…

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